December 10, 2011

Saturday fun at the Realms

Every once in a while I manage to read the web page. I used to all the time but all it was about at that time  was SL is failing this and that and it made me sick to read it.
Now it is Premium this and that :P

One cool game SL has is the Realms. I was looking for the premium gift of the month an popped in here by mistake.

There are portals in a ring that you walk through to go to a new land.

It dumps you off and gives you a hud that attaches automatically.
Screen prompts will tell you what to do but basically you find different colored crystals to run into and  gain points.

Signs to point you in the right direction. You have chores to do like fireing cannons or what not.

and avoid the rock people that will blast you back to a starting points

This is a starting point. You will get to know it well

Stinky water to drown in

It looks cartoonie but its fun. I wont even go into the part about you earning Lindens.......